League of the Forgotten Saints is a tribute experience that will take you back in time to the decade that influenced music the most! The 1980's transformed sex, big hair, spikes and rock'n'roll into the art form that created rock icons that will last forever. Formed in 2010,the members of the League merged to create an undeniable force to be reckoned with. From it's inception, the League has strived to provide audiences with a high level of entertainment inspired by the energetic performances of the original artists of the 80's.

The front man for LFS, Tony Noyes, serves up his truly unique mixture of amazing vocals with an explosive stage show presence not seen since the 80's decade! Jimmy Cat never fails to thrill audiences into awe with his super shredding leads and amazing guitar work. Rounded off by the driving low end four stringed master blaster bassist/keyboardist KP Bladez and the skin bashing madman on the drums known only as "The Deech" who fuel the driving rhythm section. Together, these four talented individuals form the tribute experience unmatched by any other and are appropriately titled League of the Forgotten Saints! Join them on a journey through the 80's as your favorite hard rock/metal bands come to life before your very eyes, leaving you with an experience that will forgotten!!



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